Frequently Asked Questions
How long does one show last?
The dinner show takes around two hours. We would please you to arrive thirty minutes before the show begins.
Can everyone seated at a table choose a different menu?
Can you make changes to the menu?
I am eating vegan, gluten free or I don’t eat fish?
From what age do you recommend the Junior menu?
Do I need to mention my child in the reservation even when it will not choose a menu?
What are the cancellation conditions?
Can I make a full prepayment?
I already paid for the deposit, when will the balance be due?
Do you issue an invoice?
Where is the difference between “Le Grand Chef” and “Le Petit Chef”?
The difference between the menus is the quality of the ingredients. The ingredients in the “Le Grand Chef” menu are of even higher quality (e.g. lobster instead of prawns).
What is the table arrangement on site?
Can I purchase a gift voucher?
How else can I contact you?
What kind of food do you serve?
Do you deliver?
How can I change or cancel my reservation?
I have neither a credit card nor a paypal account. How can I still make a reservation to lock?